Mini Derma Roller 0.3mm


The ultimate at-home tool to help smooth texture, reduce fine lines and improve scarring, now available in a mini size perfect for your delicate eye area and around the nose.

Regular rolling allows for better absorption of skincare products, stimulates collagen and supports your in-clinic treatments by encouraging cell turnover. 

Other Derma Roller sizes are available in 0.3mm and 0.5mm needle lengths.


1. Clear skin and hands thoroughly.

2. Standing in front of a mirror, imagine your face is divided into sections; within these sections roll the area in a grid pattern, this will ensure you treat all areas of the face/neck. Avoid lips and eyes.

3. Hold the skin tight, in small sections roll back and forth 4-5 times. Then, lift the roller and change direction: roll up and down and diagonal one way then the other, repeat over each section of your face.

4. If you would like to treat your neck and décolletage, follow step 3, holding the skin tight and working in small sections.

5. After rolling, follow with a serum to suit your skin concerns, then moisturiser.

6. Sanitise your roller and leave to dry before storing back in case.
Skinsmiths Sanitising Spray sold separately.