How hormones affect our skin

How hormones affect our skin

From acne to dryness, the laundry list of the ways our hormones can affect our skin is almost endless. We only have to look back at our teenage years when our hormones were in overdrive to find evidence of this. There’s a reason that teenage acne is such a common condition after all! But our hormones don’t necessarily just level out and remain constant as an adult, and unfortunately, hormones can continue to cause us skin woes in our later lives. 

While we often assume that these hormonal issues will only occur during our ‘milestones’ such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, they are actually fundamental to our bodies' processes. But for most of us, they are just slightly less obvious. 

If you’re wondering whether you’re experiencing hormonal deficiencies and imbalances there are usually a few telltale signs. Breakouts, sleeping issues and a low sex drive can all be indicators that your hormones might be a bit out of whack. So if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, and wondering what to look for when it comes to skin, here’s a run down on everything you need to know about hormones and skin. 

A quick guide to hormones 

In terms of skin, there are three main hormones at play; estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These all play slightly different roles, however. Estrogen is responsible for stimulating collagen production which helps keep the skin hydrated and elastic. This being said, if you are experiencing dry skin this could be a sign that you are experiencing low levels of estrogen. Although it’s important to note that there are a suite of different factors that can affect skin dryness, so don’t panic! 

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for acne as it binds oil glands to the skin, which can cause an overproduction of oil. 

Progesterone stimulates the production of sebum, it can cause the skin to swell and compress the appearance of pores. Too much of it, however, can lead to too much oil build-up which can also lead to breakouts. 

Hormones and acne 

One of the most common skin conditions that come from hormonal imbalances is acne. When we are experiencing higher levels of skin-altering hormones, our skin might produce excess sebum that can combine with dead skin cells and cause pore blockages which can lead to acne. Unfortunately, sebum-filled pores are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can live and colonise in the pores, this is why often hormonal acne manifests as very ‘angry’ and inflamed pimples. 

If you notice a deep, throbbing pain in your chin or along your jawline, chances are these are hormone related. It’s very common for hormonal acne to show up around this area, and it can cause a world of pain. 

How to treat hormonal acne

For some of us, our hormonal acne will be a persistent challenge that needs ongoing treatment. But if you tend to notice that you get breakouts close to your cycle, there are also steps you can take to help prevent this from happening each month. Here are our top tips for treating hormonal acne: 

Use products with salicylic acid in them 

Making salicylic acid an essential part of your skincare routine can help you to keep hormonal acne under control. This active ingredient is basically kryptonite to acne, working both to unclog pores and reduce inflammation. 

While spot treatments and serums are of course a great place to incorporate this hard-working acid, you can also include this in your cleanser. Our Purifying Gel Cleanser is your best friend when it comes to stopping hormonal acne in its tracks. Incorporating salicylic acid as well as calming ingredients like chamomile and cucumber extracts, this water-activated gel formula will give your skin a clarifying cleanse while also soothing painful breakouts. 

Incorporate a toner into your routine 

Often overlooked as not being an essential part of your skincare routine, toner is the unsung hero when it comes to preventing acne! Bacteria and dirt are one of the main causes of breakouts, and toner is a really great way of removing anything that your cleanser may have missed. Our Clarifying Toner is great for acne-prone skin, Witch Hazel Water works to eliminate excess oil and tighten pores, while Centella and Cucumber extracts will calm and soothe irritated and blemished skin. 

Try a peel 

There’s nothing quite like a multi-acid exfoliating peel to resurface and revitalise your skin. The Resurfacing AHA/BHA Peel is as good as it gets when it comes to at-home peels. Combining the multi-layer exfoliating power of 5 Alpha Hydroxy Acids that will soften skin and boost cellular renewal, and improve moisturise levels. It’s a great way to give your skin a deeper cleanse and exfoliation to prevent future breakouts and also help clear existing ones. 

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If you want to take all the thinking out of your skincare routine, the PRO Essentials Banish Breakouts kit is the answer to all your prayers. Specifically designed to combat oil imbalances and clogged pores, it has all the skincare steps you need to banish breakouts for good. 

Hormones and skin dryness

Just like acne, skin dryness can also be a common side effect of hormonal imbalances. Ageing, menopause, and cycles can all affect the amount of estrogen our bodies produce, and when our estrogen levels are not optimal this can often lead to dry skin. 

Our estrogen will implicate how much elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid our skin produces, all of which have a huge impact on our skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture. As a result, if we are experiencing imbalances in our estrogen levels this can make our skin appear drier, rougher and more wrinkled. 

How to treat hormonal dryness

Using hydrating topical skincare products specifically formulated for dry skin is a great first step toward managing and treating your dry skin. Here are our top skincare tips for the ultimate dose of hydration. 

Use a gentle cream cleanser

We know we’re always blabbing on about it, but if you want a skincare routine that works, you simply must have a good cleanser. And it shouldn’t just be a tick in the box either, your cleanser should also align with your overall skincare goals. If you’re trying to combat dry skin, the Gentle Cream Cleanser is perfect for you. This silky emollient-rich formula works to gently remove makeup and daily impurities while simultaneously injecting protective hydration into your skin to nourish dry and sensitive skin. Harnessing the strength of avocado oil, hemp oil, sodium hyaluronate and Skinsmiths hero ingredient, SauvigNZ, this is like kryptonite for dehydrated skin. 

Load up on the hydrating serums 

When it comes to really hydrating dry skin, serums are the most important step in your routine. The Ultimate Renewal Serum includes quite literally all the ingredients you’d ever need for a healthy, glowy complexion. Argireline Peptides work to increase skin's elasticity, while Niacinamide restores healthy skin barrier function, and don’t forget about Sodium Hyaluronate a smaller form of Hyaluronic Acid that penetrates the skin more deeply making it the perfect elixir for those suffering from hormonal dryness. 

Use a rich moisturiser 

If you have dry skin, having a rich moisturiser is simply non-negotiable. Often overlooked in favour of the more exciting serums, moisturisers should never be underestimated. Trust me, ladies, no boy can brighten up your day faster than a great moisturiser, and the Complete Recovery Moisturiser is exactly that. Put your best face forward with this advanced hydration that seals in moisture and works to repair and protect the skin barrier for healthier and younger-looking skin. 

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