Skinsmiths LED Facial Mask

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Boost your Skinsmiths Ritual with the benefits of a daily, at home LED facial.

The Science!

  • Red and Near Infra-Red LED: Improve skin cell health, elasticity and texture. Stimulate skin cell repair and reduce inflammation.
  • Blue LED: Soothe the skin and clear acne causing bacteria to help prevent future breakouts.


  • Results! 120 independent ORSM LEDs + high power output + effective distance
  • Red + Blue Light: Red + NIR and Blue light at clinically relevant wavelengths​
    • RED 620-640nm​

    • Near Infrared (NIR) 820-850nm​

    • Blue Light 465-475nm

  • Easy to use: Wireless, remote-controlled with 5 preset settings:
  • Comfortable: Open eye protection, adjustable head strap and chin rest
  • LED light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to improve cellular health in the skin. ​
  • Red and Blue light have different wavelengths, meaning they penetrate the skin at different depths and have a different effect on the skin. ​
  • Red LED helps build and strengthen cellular structure to smooth fine lines and help reduce inflammation.​
  • Blue LED light helps kill acne bacteria and prevent future breakouts.​
  • Near infra-red light has been shown to stimulate cell growth and encourage skin repair.​
  • The efficacy of LED light therapy is influenced by the number and quality of LED lights use, the energy output and the distance between the LED lights and the skin. This is why the best at-home LED devices are the ones that are facial masks that bring the LED lights closer to the surface of the skin.
  • At Skinsmiths we thoroughly tested our device to ensure the highest energy output to provide you with the best results possible!
    Skinsmiths LED Facial Mask
    Skinsmiths LED Facial Mask
    Skinsmiths LED Facial Mask