How the colder months affect your skin

How the colder months affect your skin

Like it or not friends, summer has officially packed its bags and moved on to greener pastures. Very soon the cruel, crusty claws of winter will have the entire country in a chokehold, and with that will come new challenges for your skin. As you’re probably aware, winter has the nasty habit of wreaking havoc on your skin if you’re not prepared, which can include giving your face dandruff if you’re not careful. 

The colder months bring a change in humidity, more time exposed to heaters, as well as blustery winds that can all contribute to making your skin feel drier and just look a bit ‘meh’. Here are our pro Skinsmiths tips and tricks on how the winter affects our face, and what we can do to mitigate them. And in fact, these aren’t drastic changes. You don’t need an entirely new luxury regimen to combat wintertime’s cold dry air, a few small but crucial tweaks will do just fine. 

What are the main changes to our skin during winter?

A common concern with our skin during winter is dryness. This tends to be largely a winter-centric problem for some, who don’t suffer from dry skin during the warmer months. This is because sebum, which is a naturally occurring oil in our skin, will start to slow down as the weather starts to get colder. During the chillier seasons, our pores will start to tighten and we will reduce our blood circulation, all of which means our skin produces less sebum, and therefore less moisture retention. This, coupled with the fact that there is less humidity in the air, will all contribute to our skin drying out faster. 

What are the best products for my skin in winter?

Choose a moisturising cleanser 

Because the lack of humidity and increased use of central heating can exacerbate dry skin, lend it a helping hand by including moisture-rich products in every one of your skincare steps. Yup, that includes your cleanser. The Gentle Cream Cleanser is the perfect product for the job. This silky, emollient-rich formula gently washes away makeup and daily impurities while simultaneously injecting protective hydration that nourishes dry and sensitive skin. Perfect for the winter months! 

Use hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the skin that helps produce and maintain moisture, something that is particularly important over the chilly season. This holy grail ingredient will give your skin that glowy, plump and dewy look and is also a magnet for moisture. The best part? It’s safe for all skin types, from sensitive to acne-prone and everything in between. You can incorporate hyaluronic acid in any step of your skincare routine (or all of them if you so wish) but definitely try to include it in at least one of your steps that are left on the face for long periods of time such as serums and moisturisers. 

Our Skinsmiths have incorporated this wonder ingredient and taken it a step further, meet sodium hyaluronate. A smaller form of hyaluronic acid with all the same benefits but in a smaller form. Meaning it can be more easily absorbed, which will deeply penetrate, hydrate and plump the skin. It’s found in most of our products, but we recommend the Ultimate Renewal Serum for the ultimate lit-from-within glow. 

Introduce a Niacinamide 

We often hear the word ‘powerhouse’ when referring to skincare ingredients, and the latest to join the ranks is undoubtedly niacinamide. That’s because niacinamide comes with an impressive rap sheet of benefits, from improving skin barrier function, to visibly reducing pigmentation. Skin barrier function is particularly important when it comes to retaining moisture over the winter months. Basically, the healthier your skin barrier, the less you’ll lose water which means your products work better, and your skin is less dehydrated. The PRO Strength Niacinamide has benefits that span across the whole skincare spectrum, incorporating niacinamide and vitamin B5 to improve the skin barrier, alongside Tasman Pepper and Centella asiatica extracts that work simultaneously to soothe and calm irritated and red skin. 

Use a rich moisturiser 

Lend your skin a helping, hydrated hand by incorporating a heavier moisturiser. This will provide your skin with an extra moisturising barrier to lock in your hydrating serums as well as help combat any dryness. The Complete Recovery Moisturiser lends itself perfectly to the job, offering advanced hydration to seal in moisture and repair the skin barrier for a healthier, glowier-looking you.