Retinol: Everything you need to know

Retinol is one of the most effective skincare ingredients out there. It’s been used in skincare for a very long time and it has aged very well. Even as product testing becomes more advanced and other ingredients are discovered or developed, retinol has stood the test of time and research again and again. So why has retinol remained at the top of the skincare charts for all these years? Allow us to elaborate (spoiler: because it’s amazing).

As we age, body processes start to happen a little differently than they do when we are younger. Your skin gets thinner and produces less collagen.

Collagen is the all-important skin plumper, the stuff that sits under the skin cells, deeper in the skin, to give it that bouncy look – just like a baby’s cheeks!

Skin cells renew more slowly as you get older, so you don’t get fresh new skin cells as often. This can make your skin look dryer and less radiant. It also means skin takes longer to heal because there are less new cells being produced to patch up any injuries.

That’s where retinol comes into play. Retinol encourages your skin to speed up the renewal of skin cells, thickening and strengthening the skin, boosting collagen and slowing its breakdown. It’s the wonder product that reduces signs of aging, helps with breakouts and improves enlarged pores, skin tone and texture. Because retinol is an antioxidant too, it also helps to prevent environmental damage. Oxidation is a natural process that contributes to aging and skin damage and is accelerated by UV light, pollution, stress, smoking (the usual suspects), so the antioxidants in retinol are a welcome addition to anyone’s skincare routine!

Retinol is like a good teacher, it encourages your skin to do good things for itself instead of doing it for you. Basically, it helps to normalise how your skin functions, and in doing that it helps your skin behave (and look) like its bouncier, younger self. An instant spring in your step!

Our Retinol Booster and Retinol Booster Plus were created to make it easy to start using retinol in your skincare routine and to get the most out of all that retinol can do for your skin. To help you achieve great results, they are strong, but they can be mixed with moisturisers to dilute them – making them great for both retinol newbies and hardcore retinol fans.

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