Our Skinsmiths Summer Skincare Tips: We’ve got you covered!

Our Skinsmiths Summer Skincare Tips: We’ve got you covered!

You don’t wear winter clothes over summer, right? The same goes for our skin and using skincare that meets our needs over the summer months.


Q: Want fresh, healthy, glowing skin while also keeping your skin hydrated?


A: Skinsmiths Resurfacing AHA/BHA Peel – a must have!
A multi-acid exfoliating peel, resets skin overnight with a combination of 5 Alpha Hydroxy Acids that are clinically proven to soften the skin, increase cellular renewal by 24% as well as improve the skin’s moisture levels by 16% after 24 hours, along with Beta Hydroxy Acid for decongesting pores. Wake up glowing!


Q: I want the holy grail of sunscreen. It must tick all the boxes: broad spectrum and antioxidant protection that is lightweight, matte, sinks in to the skin with no cast and looks great under makeup.

A: Skinsmiths Daily Antioxidant Defence SPF30, completely sheer coverage that also includes multilayer hydration from Hyaluronic Acid and Sodium Hyaluronate. Your skin will be protected, plump and hydrated! Make sure to apply 15-30 minutes before sun exposure and to reapply throughout your day.


Q: I’ve suffered some sun damage, got some dark spots, help!

A: Skinsmiths PRO Strength Vitamin C. Protect your skin against the damaging effects of UV and pollution to prevent the signs of ageing and photoageing. Our StayC-50 stabilised Vitamin C derivative , Vitamin E and Liqurice root extract are combined to lighten dark spots and brighten an uneven skin tone. Clinically proven to lighten the appearance of dark spots in 6 weeks!

Plus Skinsmiths features SauvigNZ™ - your antioxidant protection super ingredient in every product, nature’s answer to defending the skin against daily exposure to UV and pollution, major contributors to signs of ageing skin. SauvigNZ is clinically proven to reduce the markers of oxidative stress and help protect the skin from UV damage. Making Skinsmiths your ultimate summer skincare sidekick!

If you have any further questions about retinol, get in touch —we love to chat skincare!