Exfoliation: Your essential skincare prep step

Exfoliation: Your essential skincare prep step

Exfoliation is the essential prep step in your skincare ritual. It helps resurface the epidermis to reveal newer, younger skin underneath leaving you with a younger-looking complexion that is softer, smoother and more radiant.

Exfoliation resets your skin so that it is prepped to better absorb your corrective and hydrating skincare products.​

​Our Skinsmiths Resurfacing AHA/BHA Peel (A must have for everyone;s routine!) contains a concentrated blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. This chemical exfoliating peel is inspired by in clinic treatments, so you can experience similar benefits to a chemical peel at home.

AHAs – alpha hydroxy acids

​Glycolic acid: Due to its smaller molecular size, glycolic acid can reach the deeper layers of the skin. It exfoliates for an immediate skin softening effect and promotes cellular renewal. Glycolic acid is also known to play a role in the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. 

Lactic acid: A gentle AHA that provides surface-level exfoliation of the skin. Lactic acid helps improve moisture and thickness of the skin, promoting a more youthful-looking complexion.

​Citric acid: Citric acid plays an important role in cellular energy. 

Malic and Tartaric acids: Malic and tartaric acids help increase skin elasticity and improve skin tone.

BHA – beta hydroxy acid

Salicylic acid: A BHA that can penetrate deeper into the skin to exfoliate, decongest and clear breakouts and clogged pores. 


What is unique about our Must Have Resurfacing AHA/BHA Peel?

It contains a blend of 5 naturally sourced AHAs (lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, malic and tartaric acids). The different AHAs have different molecular sizes, allowing for multi-level exfoliation. They also all have different properties which means you get the combined benefits of all 5 AHAs. This specific blend of AHAs has also been clinically proven to increase cell renewal by 24% and improve moisture levels by 16% after 24 hours. ABC Fruit Mix is scientifically proven to have a higher therapeutic index than synthetic glycolic acid or lactic acid alone. 

Can’t handle acids? Have sensitive skin?
You can use our soft muslin Cleansing Cloth to provide a gentle physical exfoliation while cleansing.